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Red Sofa Literary is a boutique literary agency originally established in the Twin Cities, MN. Much like a good book, our agency appreciates an author who brings a compelling narrative and a passion to the art of storytelling.

We believe the best ideas come via engaging conversations and over good coffee, sometimes while relaxing in a colorful lounger. Our mission is to celebrate a life of reading and geek culture, where brains always win over brawn.

For more info on our agency, please see our submission guidelines, posts and more. Enjoy!

Featured Authors

Christi Furnas

Christi Furnas is a cartoonist, illustrator, oil painter, and disability rights advocate. She has exhibited in galleries across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New York. Christi's career includes over ten years of arts administration, teaching art workshops, and numerous speaking engagements. With a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, Christ began creating Crazy Like a Fox: Adventures in Schizophrenia. She lives with her wife in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Shannon Eastin

Shannon Eastin is the first female official of the National Football League (NFL) and the first woman to lead a crew at the Division 1 level for the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference. For 16 years she officiated football games at the high school and college level before making her mark on NFL fields. Her hat and whistle can now be found at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. This is her debut book - released 9/13/2023.

Camille Licate

Camille Licate is the Founder of Camille Licate's Kids for Positive Change(tm), a multi-media educational company designed to teach and inspire kids to take positive action for animals, people and the planet.

Kathleen Fine

Kathleen Fine received her Master’s in Reading Education from Towson University and Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from University of Maryland, College Park. She is a member of the Maryland Writers Association, International Thriller Writers, and Author’s Guild.  Her short stories have been published in Litro Magazine, Pen in Hand, The Maryland Writer’s Association Anthology, and in The Indignor Playhouse Anthology. Girl on Trial is her debut novel, releasing in Oct 2023.

Your Agents

Dawn Frederick

Dawn Frederick is the owner of Red Sofa Literary. There’s a good chance she’s curling up with a good novel or quirky history on the sofa, or nerding out over the newest Ryan Murphy TV show. She has a B.S. in Human Ecology, and a M.S. in Library and Information Sciences. Read More >>

Liz Rahn

Liz Rahn is the Subsidiary Rights Agent for Red Sofa Literary, handling all film/TV, audio and translation rights for RSL titles. She enjoys stories with strong, complicated characters and compelling narratives. Liz received her BA in Literature from Concordia College and has a certificate in Publishing from Denver University. Read More >>

Riley Jay Davis

Riley Jay Davis (they/them) is a longtime book lover with degrees in English and Anthropology from Hamline University. They have a background in bookselling and publishing. Their preferred book genres. Read More >>