Sometimes the best ideas are associated with a red couch. . .

Dawn Frederick, Owner/Literary Agent

Jennie Goloboy, Literary Agent

Laura Zats, Literary Agent

Amanda Rutter, Associate Literary Agent

Stacey Graham, Associate Literary Agent

Erik Hane, Associate Literary Agent

Office Phone: 651.224.6670

NO PHONE QUERIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please follow the requested submission guidelines we’ve provided in print and on our website.

More information about RED SOFA BOOKS, our e-publishing arm, can be found at 

Dawn Frederick 2014Dawn Michelle Frederick is the owner/literary agent of Red Sofa Literary, established in 2008. She brings a broad knowledge of the book business to the table, bringing multiple years of experience as a bookseller in independent, chain, and specialty stores; sales, marketing, and book development experience; previously a literary agent at Sebastian Literary Agency. She has a B.S. in Human Ecology, and a M.S. in Information Sciences. Dawn fo-founded the MN Publishing Tweet Up, is the current News chair for the Twin Cities Advisory Council for MPR, and a teaching artist at Loft Literary. You can find her on Twitter at @redsofaliterary.

In Fall 2011, Jennie Goloboy joined Red Sofa Literary as an Associate Agent. Jennie Goloboy has a PhD in the History of American Civilization from Harvard. She is also a published author of both history and fiction, and a member of SFWA, RWA, SHEAR, OAH, the AHA, and Codex Writer’s Group. Her funny, spec-fic short stories appear under her pen name, Nora Fleischer. Jennie was promoted to Literary Agent in December 2013.

Laura Zats graduated from Grinnell College with degrees in English and anthropology. While completing her studies, she took advantage of her love of Young Adult (YA) Laura Zatsliterature and wrote a thesis on identity formation in YA. She’s been working as an editor since 2011 and has held positions at companies in both the US and the UK. In 2013, Laura joined Team Red Sofa as an intern but quickly became more of an apprentice, leveling up to Associate Agent in the same year.

Even though she loved YA books first, titles that are Middle Grade, romance, and Sci-fi/Fantasy have been slowly taking hold. Picking a favorite genre now would be like choosing between puppies and kittens. In her free time, Laura likes to craft, swing dance, bake, and binge on Netflix marathons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who.

IMG_3898After training and working as an accountant for over a decade, Amanda Rutter became an editor with Angry Robot, helping to sign books and authors for the Strange Chemistry imprint. Since leaving Angry Robot, she has been a freelance editor, through her own company AR Editorial Solutions, BubbleCow and Wise Ink. She also finds time to write blog posts for In her free time, she is a yarn fiend, knitting and crocheting a storm.

Stacey GrahamStacey Graham comes to us from the other side of the literary blanket, as an author of four books, multiple short stories, as a screenwriter, ghostwriter, and editor. She loves working with writers at all stages of their careers and will use her experience in authorship to help navigate the sometimes crazy waters of publishing for her clients. She currently lives outside of Washington, D.C. with her husband and five children. She considers the resulting nervous tick from her children to be charming.

Erik HaneAlong with working as an agent at Red Sofa, Erik Hane is a freelance editor and writer based in Minneapolis. Since graduating from Knox College and the Denver Publishing Institute in 2012, he has worked as an assistant editor at Oxford University Press and then as an acquiring editor at The Overlook Press, both in New York. This experience at both academic and commercial publishing houses means he’s performed editorial work on everything from serious scientific nonfiction to literary novels.

At Red Sofa, Erik is hoping to see a wide range of upmarket fiction and nonfiction. In nonfiction, he loves seeing complex subjects written about in an engaging way for the non-expert, or energetic, incisive looks at topics not usually treated that way (looking at you, sports writing). He wants to see literary novels that place story first; no use writing beautifully if nothing’s going on.






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    • redsofaliterary

      The old address you found is not correct. We generally prefer email queries. Our contact info is on the Contact section of our page. Thanks!

      • bobiozzia

        Thanks, but as I stated, I mailed a Holiday card that was returned. If you don’t want the mailing address known, I’ll understand and this correspondence will have to do: HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

      • redsofaliterary

        We appreciate that Bob. Happy Holidays to you too. That address is in fact old, and our address was pulled many years ago. So my apologies if you were provided info by an outlet with the wrong info. We do our best to notify folks, but it’s up to them to update the info.

    • redsofaliterary

      As with any agency, it’s best to query the person who most matches your book. Avoid querying all of the agents at the same time. It happens here and it doesn’t leave the best impression. And if one person turns it down at an agency, still look at the core reason for the rejection.

      Was it generic? – Then the query needs to be worked on.
      Were there specific reasons? – If it’s purely individual vs. the idea just not working within the boundaries of that agency, you’ll know if it’s a good idea to query a different agent there.
      Why was it turned down? – If specific reasons were mentioned, and you’re seeing the same from other agencies, then it’s time to step back, tweak the idea, and start over again. If the agent didn’t turn down the idea for the entire agency, (see point 2), and the idea is essentially repackaged and better (that’s important btw)…then query a new agent within the specific agency.

  1. Nanette Joseph

    I’m looking for a literary agent. I have books in manuscripts form. Need publishing, editing, marketing & distribution.


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