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JUST FOR THE SUMMER is on The New York Times Bestseller list!

Congrats to Abby on not only making the #1 spot, but also earning the #1 spot on the Combined Print & Digital lists as well.

This is an exciting time no less!  We are beyond thrilled for her amazing agent, Stacey Graham (we love you Stacey!), her team at Grand Central/Hachette, and fantastic support team she has day-to-day in sharing her books with the world.










Congrast to Chrisi Furnas on her book release!

Yours Truly - Audible Best of 2023

Congrats to Abby Jimenez on her 2023 Best of Audible for YOURS, TRULY!

FALL 2023 - New Books!

We're excited to shared all the newest books!

From the powerful memoir of the NFL's first female ref, LADY REF by Shannon Eastin, to Kathleen Fine's debut YA novel, GIRL ON TRIAL, we are beyond thrilled these books are in the world!

Congrats Shannon and Kathleen!

NYT's 2022 Best of True Crime List - Chas Smith


IBook Cover: Blesesd Are The Bank Robbersf there's ever a banner way to end a year, it's seeing Chas Smith's book on The New York Times Best of True Crime for BLESSED ARE THE BANK ROBBERS.

Congrats to Chas, his editor Jamison, and his amazing team at Abrams Books!

You can see all the great titles on the end of 2022 list here.

FALL 2022 - New Books!

We're excited to shared all the newest books!

From the personal and raw story, IT'S NOT NOTHING by Courtney Denelle, released by to the Santa Fe Writers Projects - to the story of Bree and Camille, in the special picture book, BREE AND ME, with the amazing art by Lauren Foster-MacLeod, it has been a great start to the new book year! MONSTERS OF THE MIDWEST just got a fresh cover (oh so amazing!) - and if you're a Buffy fan, then BIG BAD by Lily Anderson is the book for you!

We hope you enjoy all of these books as much as we do!