Dawn Frederick

Projects Dawn's Worked On

  • THE MOONS by Chan Poling, illustrated by Lucy Michell (Minnesota Historical Society, 2024)
  • SWEET AS SUGAR MAPLE series by Kate Watson (Podium, 2024)
  • CRAZY LIKE A FOX by Chrisi Furnas (Street Noise, 2024)
  • ONE WITH THE FORCE: 18 Universal Truths in Star Wars by Dr. Krista Noble (Rowman & Littlefield, 2024)
  • LADY REF: Making Calls in a Man's World by Shannon Eastin & Kate St. Vincent Vogl (Rowman & Littlefield, 2023)
  • CLAWHEART MOUNTAIN by David Oppegaard (CamCat Publishing, 2023)
  • AT THE BASE OF THE GIANT’S THROAT: The Past and Future of America’s Great Dams (Potomac Press, 2023)
  • BLESSED ARE THE BANK ROBBERS by Chas Smith (Abrams Books, 2022)
  • A KID’S GUIDE TO SAVING THE PLANET by Paul Douglas (Beaming Books, 2022)
  • CINDERELLIOT by Rachel Smoka-Richardson and Mark Ceilley (Running Press Kids, 2022)
  • BREE & ME by Camille Licate, illustrated by Lauren Foster-MacLeod (Imagine & Wonder, 2022)

Dawn Frederick is the owner of Red Sofa Literary, established in 2008. After earning her B.S. in Human Ecology and M.S. in Library and Information Sciences, she moved to the Twin Cities, to work for Oliver Press. Eventually she met Laurie Harper of Sebastian Literary and became an agent in 2002.

Between working in both chain and independent bookstores, books have played a significant role in her personal and professional lives. From working with sales reps, booksellers, and building strong relations with her bookstore customers, it was clear that truly finding a good book requires knowing what readers want. It’s no surprise she eventually became an agent, as it was a natural progression.

Dawn co-founded the MN Publishing Tweet Up, a local community social monthly meetup. She was formerly a member of the Board of Director for Loft Literary and a former President of the Twin Cities Community Advisory Council for MPR. In addition to being an instructor at Loft Literary, Dawn has taught extensively around the country on the ABCs of getting published at many writing conferences.

She lives in St Paul, with her three cats, rescue dog, and a very surly bird. When she isn’t chasing down a cat or gardening, she can be found attending a show at First Avenue.

You can see her submission wish list here.


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