OT: Red Sofa Literary loves “wheels”

Sometimes I find the best way to get to know a person (or company) is getting to know the interesting factoids that make the person who he/she is. Being that it’s Labor Day week, and many folks are off work and/or dealing with a crazy busy work week, this seems like the best time to get a little personal. It’ll add a little “zest” to the agency’s workday, which is always welcome.

Some folks know, others don’t, that I am heavily involved with women’s flat-track roller derby. I love this eight-wheel sport, and spend many hours every week getting my “skate” on. In addition, there’s the bicycle in the garage too, obviously on two wheels. Yet, the coolest factoid about Red Sofa is that my intern, Kim, is a medal-winning UNIcyclist. Yes, Kim naturally is able to bike on ONE wheel. That is quite the accomplishment, especially for folks (like myself) who fear we’d hurt ourselves doing such a thing.

This leads into the next bit of advice, in regard to writing. The best thing a writer can do is bring a passion to the writing process. Sometimes this “passion” may be interconnected to one’s hobbies, career, and life. Much like putting the time into developing one’s ability to ride a unicycle or skate naturally, writing about an area of interest that an author loves (and knows intimately) is always good idea. The “passion” will show in the narrative, and result in a stronger book, vs. half-heartedly writing about a topic that one could care less about.

As for how this “wheel love” connects to Red Sofa’s mission? It is further evidence that Red Sofa is naturally a risk taker, and an agency that loves all things odd, quirky, smart, and fun.

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