Banned Books Week

One of the most angering things to witness is the banning of ANY book.  There’s something about a book, and the OPTION of opening its cover, flipping through the pages, and reading the content.  It’s an option.  It’s not mandatory.  Hence, why people have the wonderful opportunity to CHOOSE the books they’d like to read. 

I’ve learned through my previous years in the worlds of the bookstore and library to always respect books, and their place in our world.  They are miniature representations of the Freedom of Speech.  Hence, banning a book = preventing a person’s democratic right to Free Speech.

This week take the time to remember Banned Books week.  In addition, go to the ALA website, and see how many of these books you’ve read.  You’d be surprised some of the titles that end up on this list.

2008-2009 Frequently Banned Books

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