Beautiful Losers

One of my favorite films of 2008 was Beautiful Losers.  So much that I framed the movie poster, bought the book, and found myself rambling about it in any conversation shortly after the initial viewing. 

There are many reasons why this is a favorite of mine.  Yet, the most important one, the reason that Beautiful Losers makes such an impression on the brain is its ability to show the the power of creativity, its forcefulness as a collective whole, and that any new art/idea movement can easily win over the general population.   

For anyone who aspires to write, create art, make films, and more, go see this movie!   

And for those writers with publishing aspirations, Beautiful Losers will give some extra motivation to keep on writing.  Never give up.  Fine tune your own art.  Make it a shared experience with other writers.  Find any and every way to keep on promoting yourself and your writing in new venues.

That’s the end of my ramble, now go see the movie.

Beautiful Losers