CYOA – Choose Your Own Adventure

I loved these books when they first came out, giving the library card good usage in checking out these books on a regular basis.  Hence, CYOA will always be etched into my memory in a positive light.  From attempting to “mark” the pages, in hopes of hitting all of them at some point; to sometimes getting a hand cramp from attempting to save several different pathes with one hand, while still moving forward with the newest adventure chosen-it was a wonderful childhood reading experience.  My personal copies of CYOA were read over and over, as it was hard to tire of their many story lines.   Finally, some CYOAs were traded with friends who had different versions (just to shake it up a little bit); all of our copies possessing curled up corners, pages with folded corners, and our names written in big letters on the inside covers.  

So imagine my excitement upon learning CYOA is now on Kindle!  It’s about time!  And a great idea! 🙂

This is perfect timing after Pretty Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton came out in 2007.   After the fantastic adventures provided within this grown-up novel similar to CYOA, many folks (including myself) hoped that the original concept would have its own revival. 

It looks like this happened;  my non-Kindle owning self is thinking it’s maybe time to change this situation.

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