How to appreciate the winter. . .

Being an agency located in one of the coldest, more snowier areas of the country, there’s something to be appreciated when the winter returns.  Warm fires, new winter gloves, playing in the snow, and the general beauty of a snow-covered landscape.  Even the cities look beautiful after a fresh layer of snow.

It’s also very much agreed that the Twin-Cities is an extremely literate city, where many well-known writers thrive (and have thrived).  I attribute this to the weather.  When the outside temperature is colder than one’s freezer, it’s easy to turn a day of outside activities into a day of writing (and/or reading) books. 

This week our winter finally kicked into high gear, and I’m already loving it.   My “to read” pile of books is huge now, yet very manageable.  In my agent brain, this means that wonderful books & book proposals will be written by any folks also living in a cold region(s).  Knowing that a motherload of  new ideas will be hitting the inbox/mailbox once the ground has officially thawed.

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