Holidays & Publishing

If you have looked at the editor/publisher/agent Twitter accounts, one thing becomes abundantly clear, many folks will be away for the holidays.  It’s quite normal during this time of the year, to which it can drive some writers crazy, especially during the query process.  Here are my tips and suggestions for handling the holiday season in our publishing “world.”

1. There is no need to worry about queries being answered during this timespan.   If you get a response, fantastic!  If you don’t, please try not to take it personally.   Wait at least until the first full, non-holiday week in January to touch base with us, as answering two weeks worth of email requires some time.

2. Take the time to edit/read over/tweak your query and/or book proposals.  How about waiting until January instead?  Much like a souffle, a little extra “baking” time may strengthen the book idea, as well as one’s chance of a positive response 

3. Read some good books during this waiting time.  Do you have a particular agent or editor in mind?  Finding a few of his/her books to read will determine if you should initiate a query.

4. Piggy-backing on Pt. #3, do some additional research!  I can’t iterate enough the benefit of researching the editors/agents who will BEST match your book idea.   Time and postage will be saved due to this research.  Plus, liibraries and bookstores dont’ take holidays necessarily, to which they already have the necessary reference books that provide this information.

Any questions?  Drop me a note. 🙂

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