The Benefits of Twitter

One of the requirements I have for any of my authors right now is Twitter.  Long gone are the days where it’s a “possibility,” as I know personally that editors and publishers use Twitter as a tool for marketing and promoting books; in regard to writers, it’s the perfect way to build a larger platform.  On both fronts, I’m of the same belief. 

Some of the questions and benefits include:

1. Building a larger following.  Twitter provides an opportunity to link to one’s website, as well as the opportunity to tunnel followers to one’s current posts/blogs.  This agency website quadrupled in hits once Twitter entered the picture.  Close to 30% of the hits came from Twitter. 

2. Establishing a conversation with followers on Twitter.  Building a good following = a chance to build a larger reading public.  One can talk about daily life, the editor & agent query experience, inquire with others on their own experiences, one’s current book project, and more.  Don’t downplay the benefit of talking about similar interests with people on Twitter.  A good network will be built, new working relationships will be established (in publishing), and the possibility of gaining the attention of an editor or publisher are several of the reasons to not deny Twitter.

3. Learning the newest updates on book publishing.  If there’s one thing publishers, agents, editors and writers do on Twitter, we use the Retweet button.  Obviously each entity has a different list of followers.  That Retweet function will help spread the word on interesting (sometimes vital) publishing news in a matter of minutes – we’re talking something along the lines of wild fire. 

4. Giving the figurative “high-five” to folks on Twitter by following, retweeting, and/or “follow fridaying” them.  Twitter is a great way to promote other followers.  Taking the time to choose to follow them, retweet any of their tweets, and/or “FF#”ing them on a Friday = a noticeable word-of-mouth promotion happening.  You’ll increase the followers for others, as well as your own profile.  Ultimately we’re all in this together, plus we all love books.  In summary, supporting fellow writers  = strong supportive network for the writer

Building a Twitter presence requires time and patience, but is well-worth the effort.  The world of Twitter can be a fun and exciting ride, where new people are met and befriended, where one can build a strong platform.   Trust me on this.