Highlights of the newest Bulletin from the Authors Guild

The benefits of receiving (and reading) The Bulletin by the Authors Guild:

1. Isabel Howe presents an informative commentary in “State of the Industry” – with the debate of e-books vs. printed books, and the impact they will have on publishing.  This is an article that can’t be ignored.

2. The Reader’s and Writer’s view of the Google settlement is presented by Roger Boyes.

3. A reprint of the fantastic post by Ellis Weiner in the New Yorker on Oct. 19, 2009, titled “Subject: Our Marketing Plan.”  Really enjoyed it. 🙂

4. An interview with Leah Komaiko by fellow agent, Andy Ross, of the Andy Ross Agency – discussing the sometimes elusive writer’s “platform.”

5. The Children’s Book Publishing Trends symposium (in print) from July 2009.  Featuring five smart, highly-respected children’s publishing veterans- Kim Brown of B&N, Lisa Desimini (children’s author/illustrator), David Levithan (children’s author/Scholastic Press), Marcia Wernick (children’s literary agent), and Rachel Vail (children’s author/YA author).

And more. . . .

For further information, please go to the Authors Guild website.