Exciting things on the horizon!

It was one of those weeks.  Way too much to do, a bout with a nasty head cold (that is still around sadly), and lots of fantastic things happening for Red Sofa Literary!

Several of the brights spots this week involved several of my authors and their current projects.  From one signing his book contract (for a future roller derby book), to working with a new author signed onto the agency (who queried me through WEBook-her book is incredible!), a current author with a very interested publisher, and the addition of new author yesterday (can you say Zombies?) – it was a very productive, memorable week!   It made the nasty head cold seem like nothing.  That’s always a good sign  🙂

Next week will be even better.  There are meetings with two more of my authors, discussing their upcoming projects.  It’s nice they happen to live in the Twin-Cities, as it’s rare to be able to see my clients (in person) on a regular basis.  And I of course have to mention the Literary Death Match FINALLY coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul!  I hope anyone who claims to like books, and our local literary community, will take the time to go to this awesome event.  If you go, find me, I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat, cheering on both Brian Beatty and John Jodzio.