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While attempting to not sound like an “oldie” in publishing, it’s amazing what today’s technology and social media has accomplished.  Especially when book blog tours are becoming a normal part of new book promotion.

There are many benefits to going this route.  Such as the chance to reach out to even more readers, and the people who are possibly buying books for larger entities (i.e. bookstores, book clubs, etc) This is also an opportunity for the writer to work with directly a blogger(s), without necessarily needing to travel to multiple cities.  Book bloggers know what they’re doing, especially when reading multiple books (and reviewing them) in a short time period.  Most importantly, a book blog tour can be accomplished from the comfort of home.  Isn’t that appealing?

How does one start the process?  There are multiple resources available online that discuss the ways to do a Book Blog Tour, so take the time do the research!  Just like any other type of book marketing, it’s all about networking and doing this type of promotion as a team. 

Enjoy the links below, as you’ll see various perspectives on the best way to start your blog book tour. And as usual, please let me know what you think.  Have I missed any other resources?  What was your experience like? Let’s start a discussion, I’d love to hear what you have to say.  

Virtual Book Tours: How To Set Up And Run A Successful Book Tour by Gary Smailes (via @BubbleCow)

How to Organize a Virtual Book Tour (Vol. 1) by Carol Denbow

How to Host a Blog Book Tour (Part 1) by Michelle Thompson

Yahoo! Book Blog Tours group

2011 Book Blogger Convention (in conjunction with the BEA)

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