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A Fall Announcement: Jennie Goloboy is an Associate Literary Agent

I always get excited when there’s a chance to share new and exciting updates for Red Sofa Literary.  Please take a moment to congratulate Jennie Goloboy on her recent promotion!  Having worked as the solo agent at my agency for the last three years, it’s a treat to see Jennie evolve (and quickly no less) into the role of Associate Literary Agent.  I know without a doubt that she’ll bring her own sense of ownership and strong knowledge of books to this new role.

There are many reasons why I’m excited:

  1. Jennie is an aspiring writer herself.  So much that she penned a zombie romance with lots of spunk and her own brand of quirkiness (which we know I like in spades).    Anyone who works with her will appreciate Jennie’s empathy for the overall writing process.
  2. Jennie knows what she wants, and will communicate it accordingly.  This ability to be decisive will bring her far as an agent.
  3. Jennie loves fiction.   If anyone has followed me or my agency, fiction is not one of my representative categories – but Jennie is specifically
    looking for writers of paranormal and science fiction/fantasy.    Her knowledge of those categories is incredible.
  4. She’s a positive, smart, and extremely knowledgeable person.  And very resourceful.  On more than one occasion, Jennie has shown
    these traits.  Once again, I’m a lucky gal to have her on board!

This means that Jennie will now be building her own client list.  She is looking for YA and adult speculative fiction with a literary edge; especially books with well-developed characters, a sense of humor and perspective, and happy endings.  Plus she is a sucker for good romance, as well as noir-influenced narration and attitude. In regard to nonfiction, Jennie is looking for books in the biography and history categories.  Jennie brings a special love for American history, but will consider other projects as well.  (Please note that she won’t be representing memoirs).  She is available via email should there be any questions, or if you’d like to send a query her direction.  Her email:  Her Twitter:  @JennieGoloboy

Congratulations Jennie!

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