1st publishing “myth” to ignore – If I Write a Book, the Readers Will Come

Many of us have (usually) fond memories of childhood and our attempts at running businesses.  Maybe it was babysitting, selling lemonade/cookies in front of one’s home, or mowing lawns.  No matter what, I have a feeling anyone reading this post did the same thing as me – bought books, bought some more books, and used the remaining change on ice cream during lunch time.

Did these “gigs” simply happen because we were willing to do them?  Probably not.   They happened through networking.  Specifically the important adults in our lives more than likely made them happen.  At least until we were able to prove our abilities otherwise.

Now accelerate into today’s publishing environment. In an era of websites, vlogs, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites, one needs to be fully prepared for the before and after process of a book’s publishing life.

Gone are the days where writing a book was the primary focus.  It’s the MOST important part of any writer’s life, and it should be.  Yet, in order to get another book offer, to actually be able to continue one’s writing career, a forward-thinking attitude needs to be present.  Never, never, never assume that just because the book is written that all the work is completed.    There’s the important task of actually selling the book. 

Social media can be a writer’s buddy during the publishing process. . .I promise.  Simply pick and choose the sites that best work for the book – and formulate & execute a strategic plan that will benefit your book’s future success. 

People that I believe to be great resources include: Christina Katz, Rusty Shelton, and Dan Blank. Check out their websites.  Do your homework – and of course have fun while building your social media presence.