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Have you read the newest Authors Guild Bulletin?

It’s that time again, notes from the most recent Authors Guild Bulletin.  I always get excited when a new copy arrives at Red Sofa Literary, as there’s always a guarantee it’ll be full of good information.

For those who haven’t been reading the news about the Department of Justice and its anti-trust actions against several publishers, then it’s time you did.  A quick search on Twitter, Publishers Weekly, Google and more will provide more information than could even be imagined.  Afterwards, let your fingers do the walking to pg. 6 of the Fall 2011/Winter 2012 Authors Guild Bulletin.  (Talk about impeccable timing!)

Other things appreciated in the newest bulletin:

  1. Guild Previews Booktalk Nation – by Karen Holt
  2. Of Digital Parasites and Culture: An Interview with Robert Levine – by Isabel Howe.  I can’t emphasize enough that everyone  needs to read this article.  If you’re concerned about the future of books and publishing, it’ll be worth the read.
  3. A quote from the Guardian, “The roots writers put down later in life often outweigh the accidents of birth.”  Yes!!!

Thoughts, questions, comments?  Let’s discuss. . .

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