Day #3 – A Homegrown Letterpress Graphic Novel

By Dawn Frederick

As NANO kicked off, Art Attack 2012 also happened Minneapolis. For anyone who lives in a city (or even in the Twin-Cities), annual art events of this kinds are always a good time and worth the experience.  They can sometimes be a little overwhelming, as it’s impossible  to see every open studio and/or artist in this 3-day time span. Yet, I am always up for the challenge, even with the busiest of schedules.

For this year’s Art Attack adventure, I had the treat of meeting Todd Thyberg of Angel Bomb Design. He is the brains behind a letterpress graphic novel titled “The Airship.”  In short, this book is amazing.

The images are gorgeous, showing even the most minute details.  There are QR codes on various pages, of which a quick scan will allow the reader to see video messages and explore the Airship beyond the pages of the book.  The paper is of high quality; and the binding hand-sewn.

The best part of this experience of learning (from my friend Denny) that Todd “walked” approximately 10 miles while printing the 150 limited edition copies with his letterpress. If that isn’t an act of love for one’s book, I don’t know what is.  It’s also equally important to note that bringing a new angle to one’s book is essential, as this is the best way to distinguish one’s book.  Hands down, Todd accomplished this, and hopefully it’ll inspire other writers to think outside the box as he did.

So go check out his website, and assume you’ll be seeing even greater things from Todd.  I know I personally can’t wait. 🙂

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