Day #18 – The “Audition”

By Dawn Frederick

I believe we’d all agree that to pursue a life in acting requires lots of persistence and know-how. One literally needs to stay busy, always in search of new opportunities and ways to grow one’s network.  There are auditions, rejections, lines, competition, and more.

For any actor, one needs to develop a resume of roles, in addition to building a strong network with others in the industry.  Classes are taken, an agent is found, and a good attitude will get one far.  Yes, some natural talent is necessary, but just like any other creative outlet, practice makes perfect.

My challenge to everyone, how many of today’s A-List actors were overnight sensations?  There may be a few, but the overall majority had to start at the bottom, working their way up to today’s level of present recognition.  A prime example being George Clooney, one of the token males on The Facts of Life in 1985.  Nine years later George landed a role on ER, which catapulted him into the many successes of his present career.

Let’s look at the parallels in publishing:

1. You are a writer, who wants to be published

2. In order to build a platform, one must reach out and find ways to share his/her writing.  A resume is developed, reflecting those successes

3. To better one’s writing, many classes are taken. Writing conferences are attended.

4. Due to those classes and conferences, a strong network is built with fellow writers. Thereby providing a stronger sense of community.

5. Smaller projects happen in the beginning. Soon a buzz grows regarding your writing. Every step counts.

Years, not months, not days, not hours, pass by.  Maybe one year, possibly two or even more years pass by. Just know once your book idea is fully developed (in its best state), along with a strong network, good platform, and a list of publishing credits, you’re officially on the right track.  A path where you’re more likely to find success for that book idea, as well as future book ideas.  There’s no guarantee that you’ll hit A-List status on Mr. Clooney, but at least it’ll be a list of accomplishments for lifelong writing career.

Mr. Clooney was not an overnight success, it took years. As with any creative outlet, one needs to build on his/her successes. The same goes with book publishing.