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Day #22 – The Publishing Thanksgiving List

By Dawn Frederick

As this year begins to wrap up, and as Jennie & I am off doing our things for the holidays, it seems appropriate that Day #22 align with Thanksgiving.

Here are the things that we’re both grateful for at Red Sofa Literary:

1. Our authors – It’s a regular conversation that we appreciate each of our authors and the energy each brings to the table.  We couldn’t do it without you.

2. The thriving literary community in Minnesota – It’s a special time to be in Midwest, especially Minnesota.  Just looking back at the past 11 months, it’s hard to believe how much has been accomplished. New literary mags, one-of-a-kind launch parties, networking events, regional authors getting recognition on a national and international level, and more.  The chance to participate in some of these areas = incredible experience.

3. The new opportunities for 2013 – If we thought 2012 was busy, it’s going to be even busier in 2013; for all the right reasons.  We’re looking forward to each of them, and hopefully can do even more than what’s currently planned.

Here’s to hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as this holiday comes to an end. Friday officially starts the countdown on the completion of the 2012 NANO Coffee Breaks, it’s hard to believe we have eight more days left.   See you tomorrow!

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