Day #30 – Final Thoughts During NANO 2012

By Jennie Goloboy and Dawn Frederick

It has officially been 30 days of posting our thoughts on queries, publishing, agents, and more. To finish the NANO 2012 Coffee Breaks, we’d like to discuss several of the “misinterpretations” often seen at Red Sofa Literary, since there seems to be some confusion.

1. This is a literary agency. An agency that represents authors, i.e. people who write books. We don’t publish books. Like any other agency, we want to help writers get published. Agents are the equivalent of talent managers, always looking for opportunities to support our authors’ careers and assist in building upon their successes.

2. Red Sofa doesn’t represent short stories, novellas, screenplays or poetry. Please don’t take it personally.

3. We totally understand that “God” told you to query Red Sofa. For those who believe they ARE God, we’ve already heard from the entire pantheon. This approach will not influence our decision regarding any book.

4. We regularly attend writers’ conferences. But why would you ask one of us to attend an international conference on brain research? (And is your name really Dr. Brain?) It’s better for all parties involved that we focus on publishing-related events and conferences.

5. Red Sofa Literary isn’t a professional critique service. There are some wonderful author consultants in the industry, so keep on searching.

6. No we are not part of a sorority. However Jennie was a member of Gamma Phi Beta. She can even remember some of the songs!

7. We are not an agency that’s looking for fun chickens. (How the hell did this search term even get someone to our site?)

8. We don’t sell red sofas. Really. Please stop asking if there are any available, or what the costs are.