Updates from Red Sofa Literary

Summer 2013 is already reflective of a year of many good transitions for Red Sofa Literary. Not only were we fortunate to have Laura Zats join us an intern, but with her being part of the crew, time and attention was freed up for new developments. (Thank you Laura!)

The first thing worth mentioning is the new site design! Last month, Chris McMacken of Blue Worm Lab helped us revamp our website. We are beyond happy with the new version, as it has a cleaner, simpler look. Plus the website is easier to navigate, along with our posts sorted by specific topic, which is great for anyone researching the various aspects of publishing. Additionally, we’ve added a special series of posts by Laura Zats, labelled as “Notes from the Armchair,” discussing her foray into the publishing world.

We are extremely appreciative of Chris and Blue Worm Lab’s improvements to Red Sofa Literary’s site! If anyone is looking for a good company to work with in the development and/or improvement of a website, Blue Worm Labs is worth contacting. They’ve told me that if contacted to share the secret word “Red Sofa” – as there will be a 10% discount. . .

Blue Worm Labs: www.bluewormlabs.com
Email: contact@bluewormlabs.com

In other exciting news, Red Sofa Literary is now partnered with Ugly Dog Digital upon officially launching an e-publishing arm. After many months of discussion and observations of what our authors need, as well as where publishing is evolving, this was a natural option to bring to Red Sofa Literary. We’ll be working with select clients on publishing novellas, serials, and more; so that our authors can have even more ways to share their stories with readers. The only requirement is that the stories are well told, quirky, smart, and that they fall within our current representative categories. So stay tuned, more to come soon on our first authors who will be part of Red Sofa’s E-Pubolution.

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