W is for Writer’s Workshops

Artwork by Tom Torre (@CopernicusNerd)

Artwork by Tom Torre (@CopernicusNerd)

By Jennie Goloboy

I can’t say this often enough—you really should be a member of a writer’s workshop. Not only will you get a sense of what people are writing right now (is your novel as unique as you think?), but you’ll also learn the habits of criticism that will help you rewrite your own work. Plus you’ll have people to complain to when you hit a block!

If you don’t have a good workshop where you live (or if the workshops don’t really suit the kind of material you’re writing), here are some online workshops that I’ve tested myself or had recommended to me:

WattpadYou can post a novel in process, adding chapters as you go.

Bookcountry : Has an excellent genre map, so you can find people who’ve written material like yours. Also has an active discussion group. My client Jamie Wyman is a member.

Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: Unlike the other workshops above, novels are posted in single chapters, so the reading commitment is low for reviewers. I’ve been a member of this one for years under a pseudonym.

What workshops have you participated in? Is there one that you recommend to others?

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