Happy Soon-To-Be NaNoWriMo!

By Dawn Frederick

As we get into costume, eat lots of candy, and more than likely watch a few good horror flicks, it’s also the eve of National Novel Writing Month.

At Red Sofa Literary, we’ve had quite a bit of fun the last few years, of which I’m  excited what this year’s 30 Days of Posts have in store for our readers.

For 2015, we decided to turn the tables, instead of us (the agents) doing all the talking, it seemed appropriate to let our authors share their own experiences.  They’ll be discussing the writing process, the writing workspace, POV, perseverance, handling rejection, the Good vs. the Bad, taxes, setting goals, and mistakes they’ve learned from. The last three days will be three of our authors sharing their own publishing experiences.

You don’t want to miss any of these posts.  Take my word.

Now that we’re ready to go, I’m thrilled that there’s a such a nice variety of stories and advice shared by #teamredsofa.  Ultimately it confirms that every person’s publishing experience will be unique to a certain extent, as there are many similar experiences too.

We hope you enjoy our celebration of NaNoWriMo.  Tomorrow the fun begins!



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