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Day #28 NaNoWriMo – GO AHEAD IN THE RAIN by Hanif Abdurraqib

By Dawn Frederick

This year during National Novel Writing Month, I couldn’t but help mention one of my favorite books of this year and definitely a book that will linger long after 2019.  If you haven’t read GO AHEAD IN THE RAIN: Notes to a Tribe Called Quest, then I highly suggest you find the time to.

I’m an adult who grew up in the 80s and had the experience of not only developing a love of music – but the chance to fall in love with hip hop music, which included the legendary group, A Tribe Called Quest.  Fast forward to today, and they are thankfully recognized as a group who impacted hip hop and rap on many levels well into today’s music.

Hanif has written essentially a love letter to A Tribe Called Quest., while also reminiscing on his teenage years as their music helped him find his own place in the world and as a writer.  This is a special book, as Hanif is unapologetic as he discusses racial disparity, grief after the loss of a parent, and the lives of the artists behind A Tribe Called Quest. It’s a book that will connect with many readers, even if they didn’t or haven’t heard the music of this group.

I will be reading this book many times over, as it all the right notes with me – as a reader and as a human who cares deeply about others.


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