Latino Cycle Inroads Reading

On Saturday night, I had the honor of seeing one of my authors, Anika Fajardo, participate in the Latino Cycle Inroads Reading. Not only was this a collaborative experience, with 12 weeks of group writing sessions before the reading, it was a celebration of Latino writing. The entire experience was wonderful, and I know without a doubt the rest of the audience loved it.

It’s an honor that the Twin-Cities is the home of the Loft Literary Center, and the many programs it provides. Between offering classes, book readings, and DIY book art, residents of Minnesota are able to go to readings like the Latino Cycle Inroads and Equilibrium (amongst even more exciting programs). Writing and diversity combined into one, which equals the perfect literary experience.

I’m also excited to say that Anika recently had the honor of being chosen for the 2009-2010 Loft Mentor Series. Congrats Anika!