Books + YouTube (or any other video medium)

Honestly, in this day and age, it’s impossible to ignore the visual and online promotion for oneself and/or one’s book idea. There’s a reason why the the recent infamous wedding dance had well over 1 milllion hits in ONE day, as many people are on the internet; and they love, love, love online video bits.

I remember when Vidlit became a hit, as they introduced the concept of online videos and books into one platform. If you haven’t seen their bit on the book “Yiddish with Dick and Jane,” go see it now. You will see why that book had an immediate increase in book sales; so much that the authors were interviewed on NPR shortly after.

For any writer, I know writing a book is the hardest part of the job. Yet, there is the other challenge of constantly promoting oneself. This results in a need to use EVERY single available media to make the publishers drool over you (and your book idea). Making engaging, fun, and memorable videos, that are commercially viable, is a fun and unique way to go to reach this goal. Many folks have not entered that realm yet, and it’s still very much unchartered territory. One that is well worth the time and attention.