Now that we know reading is hard to make time for, what about writing?

Yes, as we all agree, life is constantly busy, and ultimately one person will never be able to read all the books he/she desires in a lifetime.    The ability to ignore the computer, TV, and life’s other social engagements, in the name of reading a book, is absolutely necessary.  As reading a book is quite the solitary activity. 

Now step back and think about the act of writing a book.  The writer (who should be reading as much as possible) experiences the same challenge, along with the job of creating a new book/new idea.    For those who believe writing a book is an “easy” accomplishment, I dare them to attempt it with all of the daily distractions.   Even as an agent, I have to turn off the world.  Otherwise, my own unique ideas and thoughts will not come to the surface.    It’s a constant battle, and I know I’m not alone in it.

Do you dream of becoming a Full-Time writer?  Do you dream of getting multiple books published, let alone getting your FIRST book published?

Then here’s my advice:

1. Develop your talent.  Have others critique your writing on a regular basis, so that it reaches the highest level possible.

2. Turn off the “world” more frequently, i.e. the television, internet, and too many social engagements.  How is a person supposed to write a book if the daily schedule doesn’t allow it?   Some of the best books (already published) required reflection, many months of brainstorming & multiple book drafts, and many months of rewriting, before they were ready to go to the editors.   

3. Develop the your writing style with the same dedication needed to develop a writing platform.  These two items usually go hand-in-hand.    By strenghtening one’s exposure to the reading public, there is a good chance the writing will be strengthened too.    In today’s publishing industry, the competition is even more fierce.  The stronger the writing + the stronger the platform = a better chance of getting published.

4. Look at the bigger picture.  Most writers do not write Full-Time.  The ones who have managed to reach this ever-elusive goal have either had fantastic success in publishing, or side-projects (non-writing related) that make this possible.    In order to reach this status, a writer needs to have a fantastic book(s) that will leave publishers (and readers) salivating for more of his/her work.  This is not achieved overnight. 

As an agent, and a person who has no desire to write a book, I have nothing but respect for writers.  It’s a hard job.  It takes 100% dedication, and a passion to pull readers into one’s imagination.    This is why I love my job as an agent.  I’d rather be an advocate for my authors, and help them reach their dreams of getting published.

Today’s inspiration, a blog from Paula Froelich – Postcards from the Fun-Employed