What is your favorite book?

I have many favorite books, we all do.

Yet a classic, which still gets read every year, has been on my bookshelf here at Red Sofa Literary (and my personal one) since childhood.   This wonderful book was discovered in 1st grade, when Mrs. Irving read it aloud every day before lunchtime.  I have often referred to my reading choices, and undying love of books due to Mrs. Irving and THIS book.   It’s philosophical, appeals to all ages, and different elements of the story will jump out with each new “read.”  In fact, I often quote from this book on many email signatures, as I believe all book afficionados should LOVE this book too.

The title you ask?    The Phantom Tollbooth

And yes, I did attempt to build my own tollbooth as a child. 

So imagine my excitement upon learning Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer are working on another project together!    Having recruited many young children to love reading through Jules Feiffer’s “Bark, George” and eventually sharing “The Phantom Tollbooth,” I know without a doubt the new Juster/Feiffer project will be a nice addition to their libraries.

It just goes to show that while I am a literary agent, I will always be giddy over new books, especially ones from Norton Juster & Jules Feiffer.

Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer: Once Upon a  Half Century