WHICH e-book reader? So many choices, so little time. . .

Now that I’m actually ready to own of these technological babies, the brain is starting to go into overload on the available options.  There’s the iPhone, the Kindle, the Nook, the Sony Reader, and even more it seems.  Options of wireless capability.  500K free digital downloads, touchscreens, color capability, size, weight, available books for purchase, ability to work with multiple platforms, and more = fizzled brain. 

Being I have friends and co-horts who own a Blackberry, an iPhone, and a Kindle (vs. the option of ONE device to meet all of these needs), how does one overcome that challenge? Really, who wants to carry those 3 devices AND possibly a laptop onto an airplane, public tranpsortation,or possibly to one’s car (on a daily basis)?  Honestly 1-2 devices should be enough. . . especially if the same person(s) are also toting an iPod too.  At least I would be in that figurative bind.

After spending a good two hours trying to compare the various items, my ability to make a final decision still feels very fuzzy right now.  If someone forced me to make a decision now, it would probably be the Nook….even though I REALLY like the Kindle.

If any of my tech savvy readers have a better argument for a different reader, please, please, please give a girl some help here.  The goal?  To only buy ONE e-book reader.

iPhone book reader – Stanza

Kindle Reader

Sony Reader

The Nook – B&N Reader 


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  1. Sammy on November 27, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Hey, Dawn:

    Just stumbled on your blog after searching on Google. I happen to run an ebook reader blog and notice you have a question on which ebook reader is best for you.

    Feel free to reach me via the contact form on my blog with any specific questions you have. But generally speaking I would advise that you answer the following questions in order to narrow your reader choice down some.

    1. What sort of book reading will you be doing? will it be mostly traditional fiction and non-fiction type books, work related stuff or for school.

    2. Is format important to you, as far as being tied to one versus having many to choose from?

    3. What about wireless connectivity, will you be using your reader as you jaunt around town or on a commute?

    Let me know how I can help.


    • redsofaliterary on November 27, 2009 at 6:23 pm

      Sammy, I love this reply! 🙂

      1. I will be using my future e-reader for work (i.e. agency-stuff), this includes primarily non-fiction works (books not in print YET, and books already printed/published in hardcover or paperback). If I can also download the NY Times, the Los Angeles Times, and other periodicals, that would a nice addition. Some fiction will be downloaded at various times, but not all the time obviously.

      2. My main fear is not being able to download a particular book to my reader, when it may only be available on a different reader. While I do admit some very obscure books are very much enjoyed, there is also the need to be able to access any mainstream book too. I look at this decisoin at the difference between getting a MP3 player and an iPod. I chose the iPod, but know that anything I originally owned in MP3 format would not be iPod friendly when making this decision 7 yrs ago.

      3. I am a fan of the wireless connectivity, as I have seen that even the Kindle provides this, without the pretty graphics necessarily. More than anything else, my future e-reader will be used while travelling & on jaunts around town, but not necessarily @ home. My laptop can meet my wireless needs @ home obviously. 🙂

      Any suggestions you’d like to make? What have you liked and/or found to be the best while writing your blog?