Sometimes the best ideas are associated with a red couch. . .

Looking forward to 2010

I am simply a fan of David Ulin (Editor of the LA Times); I appreciate his honesty, insight, and contribution to today’s publishing realm.  Recently he wrote an editorial titled “After a decade of fear, we’re connected to writing in new ways” that hit another home run on this end.

What he states is very true, there is so much to look forward to, and that embracing the changes is okay (and exciting).  Walking away from that editorial, my hopes of publishing maintaining its footing with readers (and increasing readership) are even higher. 

Yes, technology has changed things.  Everyone is more dependent on technology in our daily lives, so much that even books, and how they are read, is slowly changing.   It is hard not to be optimistic, as more people will be reached.  Call it the librarian side of my education, or a general love my job, either way this new year will be a fantastic one. 

Have a wonderful 2010 everyone!

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