Let your idea “bake” as needed

Piggy-backing on Some “Agency” Math, I feel the most important thing to garnish from that post should be stated clearly. 

Instead of rushing the query process, contacting agents and/or editors BEFORE one’s writing platform is fully established – actually attempt to be strategic with your entrance into the publishing “world.”

Let’s refer to Aesop’s story of “The Tortoise and the Hare.”  The Hare leaves too early, is too confident for his own good, and tries to take shortcuts off the main path.  The Tortoise goes slow and steady, keeps his eye on the prize, and stays on the path.   In the end, the Tortoise wins the race. 

Yes, sometimes people will get published going the route of the Hare, that is to be expected.  However, the majority of writers, if they want to be represented by an agent and/or published with one of the big houses,  should learn a lesson from the Tortoise.  Sometimes a good book takes time to “bake,” to develop into a book ready for the publishers.    If the Tortoise could do it, anyone can.