Publishing is not a “We vs. Them” mentality

It’s that time of the year when I feel the need to get on the soapbox and give a direct, but gentle nudge. As the Fall season hits an increasingly busy pace on my end, the queries are stacking up – and I know Red Sofa Literary isn’t the only one experiencing this.

If you haven’t read my blog Some “Agency” Math, please do. Now add that responsibility to working with a current client list(s) and the neverending tasks that need to be completed at any literary agency.

Here’s where I’m stepping up to the soapbox – please, please, please remember that if you receive a rejection from any literary agent, do not take it personally. Please remember that it’s better that each agent selectively focus his/her time and energy on less book projects vs. trying to take on every single book idea that comes our direction(s). Please remember that we’re not here to shoot down your dream of being a published author, we’re simply trying to be able to work on projects that each of us feels “works” for us – ultimately projects that we believe will be a good fit for our agencies (i.e., our lists).  Please remember time is limited, that we work during most of our free time(s), and that we too share the same passion for books and writing as YOU the writer.

If your book idea is turned down, it can be for a variety of reasons, but please remember to not err on the side of “agents vs. writers” – that is not how our industry operates.   I personally wouldn’t be a literary agent if I didn’t already love books, the world of publishing, and working with the wonderful crowd of folks who create books.

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