Now that you’ve “survived” the writing conference. . .

I feel the need to close up this discussion of writing conferences – by reminding everyone of what to do AFTER the conference is over. 

1. Get some rest!  – Remember how I mentioned the brain would feel like mush?  That eventually a sense of information overload would occur?  Was I correct?  Are you exhausted?  I know I am.   For at least a day or two, do other things.  Focus on your non-writing life at least.  Do something fun.  Go eat a cupcake.  Maybe read a fun book.   I promise the “mushy” brain feeling will go away. 

2. Think about what you learned & come up with a plan –  Did you learn something new, something that gets you excited?  Did you realize that your idea needs to be tweaked/edited/rethought?  Is it time to come up with a long-term plan of how you’ll build a large readership?    Once you’ve had a few days to unwind, start this process.  Determine a reasonable timeline.  And just “do it.”

3. Keep your new network of fellow writers and publishing colleagues close – You’ve met an entirely new group of people, and probably even touched base with some old colleagues.  Make an effort to keep in touch with these folks! 

4. Never forget why you want to be a writer – Hopefully attending any writer’s conference will reconfirm why you wanted to be an author in the first place.  Writing conferences exist to help you become a better writer, and provide a chance to celebrate the overall writing experience.

Now I’m going to hide and try to relax a little after this weekend’s fantastic experience at the DFW Writers’ Conference.  Thanks to everyone who atttended, who I was able to meet, and to the fantastic crew who made this conference such a pleasure to participate in!  🙂

P.S.  Besides some great panels, gong shows, and general awesomeness….I have to say that one of my favorite presentations was Jean Sagendorph and Colleen Lindsay’s class on “Author Platform.”  Super informative, and totally worth sitting in on.



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