A few of my favorite “things” from 2011

Throughout the year, I am always searching for new fun artists, writers, and anything that appeals my eclectic tastes.  It’s not necessarily for the agency.  These outings are meant to inspire my ownself, to meet the people behind such an exciting local creative community, to find new readers and artists to follow, and more.

Now that I’m wrapping up a busy fall, and since it’s that time of the year to discuss “best of” lists, here are a few folks I learned about in 2011. People that I’m highly encouraging you to check out.  Why?  Just because I liked them.  It’s that simple.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And while you’re at it, remind yourself to take a moment to support your surrounding creative community.  Throw a few dollars towards those artists, and of course encourage others to check them out.


I met her at the Comic Con at the Soap Box Factory.  She was such a delight to meet.

Her website: www.ursulamurrayhusted.com


Kevin and Zander, the brains behind this entity are very talented artists.  Very approachable, professional, and guys you should keep your eyes on.  I see continued success for them.  I also met them at the event at the Soap Factory.

Their website: www.bigtimeattic.com


Ever seen an artist, one whom you’d take all their pieces if given the chance? D.C. Ice falls into that category for me. I stumbled across her work at the A to Z Gallery while waiting for my dear friend Kara Hendershot.   

I enjoy her illustrations, her understated and dark approach to discussing larger themes, and the overall presentation when her pieces are on display.  So much that I can’t even choose which piece I’d want if I had to choose one.  She’s also someone to keep an eye on.

Her website:  www.dcice.com


This is jewelry, and it rocks my world.  While running an errand at the Electric Fetus several months ago, I saw some of their pieces on display.  I’ve looked at their work many times since then.

The studio is based in Sonoma, CA – and there are many reasons I appreciate their work; the simplicity, the perspective brought to each piece, the unique designs & themes, and the gorgeous craftmanship.  Yes, this isn’t a book, but when  a book lover is willingly looking at these and inspired, it’s evident there’s something special here.

Their Facebook Page (as they are distributed at various places): Beijo Brasil

So with the new year, here’s my gentle nudge that not only should you shop local bookstores, but support your local and visiting artists.    If the true integrity of art is going to stay in intact, in any medium, get to know the people who are making it happen.    Here’s to a great 2012!

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