Since you’ve been mentioning camels lately, this is the opening paragraph from the Elizabeth Peters novel, “The Last Camel Died At Noon” :

“Hands on hips, brows lowering, Emerson stood gazing fixedly at the recumbent ruminant. a sympathetic friend (if camels have such, which is doubtful) might have taken comfort in the fact that scarcely a ripple of agitated sand surrounded the place of its demise. Like the others in the caravan, of which it was the last, it had simply stopped, sunk to its knees, and passed on, peacefully and quietly. (Conditions, I might add, that are uncharacteristic of camels alive or moribund.)”

I love the character of Amelia Peabody and how she will state something in such a round-about, Victorian Era, absolutely British way.

Thanks for the great advice!