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The Mountains of Success with Jennie Goloboy Part 2

Some of you may know that I’m a writer as well as an agent– I’ve published both fiction and non-fiction, and am about a month away from handing in my first history book manuscript.  What I want to talk about today is from the writer’s perspective.

Any published writer can tell you that the publication date is often a little bit of a letdown.  This is partly because it takes so long to be published that it feels like the book was written by someone else, and partly because the responses that really engage with your book take time post-publication to arrive.  (You’ll notice that your earliest reviews on Goodreads are often your worst ones.)

So what do you do about this?  Make your own party.  Gather your friends and celebrate your accomplishment.  Give yourself some kind of treat, whatever best suits you.  You deserve it– you’ve achieved your goal.

Congratulations, published writer.

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