Exciting news from Red Sofa Literary!

By Dawn Frederick

When I decided to branch out on my own with the encouragement of my friend, Laurie Harper, I always assumed my little agency would be a solo experience. That as long as I kept my fellow agent friends in close reach, I’d never be alone. Then Jennie entered my tiny world, which was the best gift I could have asked for.  A year later, we had the fortune of Laura joining us on the sofa.

IMG_3898Through natural evolution, my little sofa had turned into #teamredsofa, which made my heart happy.

Today I’m delighted to announce that Amanda Rutter is joining Red Sofa Literary as an associate agent. Not only do we all love Amanda’s taste in books, but she brings her own vision to the table. A perspective that adds new depth to our list, and a business eye that will also benefit her future authors.

Amanda, we are are beyond thrilled to have you on our crew.  2015 just got even better! 🙂  #teamredsofa




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