News from Red Sofa Literary – THE SALT MACHINE

By Dawn Frederick


In our little world of Red Sofa Literary, it has been one of the busiest summers to date. It’s the good kind of busy, as so many wonderful opportunities have presented themselves.

If you remember, we launched our e-publishing imprint at the end of 2013. Now we’ve expanded Red Sofa Books, including a new logo to future projects in the works (stay tuned!) Most importantly we’ll now be taking our books to PRINT.  This means that I can now share the big news!

In September 2015, we’ll be releasing THE SALT MACHINE, book #1 of Jeff Smieding’s series And In Their Passing, A Darkness.  It will be available anywhere, with distribution through Itasca Books, which means that anyone can order Jeff’s book at any bookstore or online.

I hope that you’ll purchase your own copies, as this is a book I’ve loved since Jeff first shared it with me.  So go local, go #TeamRedSofa, and grab a copy of THE SALT MACHINE.  For the time being, I present the cover.

Enjoy! #HappySofa








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