Can you imagine trying to keep on top of all this in the pre-computer era? I was just marveling earlier today how easy Ctrl+F has made it to search my manuscript and weed out all those extra “just”s and “very”s – I seriously doubt I’ve have finished even one book if I’d had to type every page anew when I made changes – or worse yet, hand-write it. And I won’t even get started on the benefits of email.

In lots of ways, technology has made this whole industry a LOT easier to navigate – but at the same time, it’s contributed to this “now now NOW” culture we have everywhere else. When you query, you *could* get a request five minutes later! Or in six months! Or never hear from the agent again! On your book’s release day you can get constant updates on how it’s ranking, who’s talking about it, and how many retweets you get! Sometimes it’s hard to switch gears between the “now now NOW” and the “don’t nudge until she’s had your partial for six months.”

Which is all to say, I sympathize. But also hope my manuscript makes it to the top of your to-read stack sooner rather than later 🙂