Team Red Sofa Update – Congrats Laura!

By Dawn Frederick

As many of you know, our little brood has grown in the last few years. I’ve had the joy of seeing our agents do so much. Personally, I find it the kind of experiences. 🙂

I remember when Jennie and I met Laura Zats during intern interviews. Both of us found her to be witty, sharp and the kind of person who will take a bull by the horn with her charm and her decisiveness. We hoped she’d at least stay around a few months before someone grabbed her up.


Thankfully she stayed! Laura has been an amazing asset to our team, of which she has been a great advocate for all of her authors. Due to all her hard work, it seems appropriate we make it official, in that Laura has been promoted to Literary Agent at Red Sofa Literary.


Laura, please know that all of us adore you. I believe everyone would agree that we enjoy your infectious laugh, your love of Buffy and the Gilmore Girls, your advocacy for diverse books, and that you could probably kick box any of us out of a room.  🙂


Congrats on your promotion by all of us on Team Red Sofa! 🙂




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