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Red Sofa Literary – 2017 updates

By Dawn Frederick

So now that an already busy first month to 2017 has passed, it is definitely time for some updates from Red Sofa Literary.

2016 was a crazy, wonderful, busy year for our agency; ultimately the best of distractions while it seemed like the rest of the world was in a constant state of shock. For that, I’m grateful. Our agency is blessed to have an amazing crew of people on board, and a group of authors whom all make me incredibly proud.

We set some goals last year, and managed to get a few done. This wouldn’t have happened without our amazing intern, Liz (thank you sis!). This included an internal message board for our authors and a wiki page for our agency that we’ll continue to add pages and content to (still a WIP).

We saw quite a few books find their publishing home, which is always the best of experiences, while celebrating many book birthdays too.

Additionally as we started the new year on a sad note, as we’ve lost one of our fold at the agency. Not only has this person been a long-time friend, it was a delight to have her as a colleague. As of Feb 1, 2017, Red Sofa will not have the joy of getting to work with Bree Ogden on a daily basis, as she’ll be taking a much-deserved break to focus on life outside our little world of agenting.

I remember meeting her in the company of Gordon Warnock at the Madison Writers Workshop several years ago. I instantaneously adored her. It may have been the fact we had crazy-color hues in our hair, but the connection was real. And a our friendship was forever cemented.


Fast forward a few years later, the opportunity to get to work with Bree was the best of news! Wonder twins activate!


Bree – we’re going to miss all your regular updates, your infectious giggle on our conference calls, and your incredible contribution to the agency. No worries, I’ll personally be calling you and giving updates on my progress with Neko Atsune. We love you sis!




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