Red Sofa Literary is closing to queries 11/1 – 12/31

It’s that time of the year, where our agency wants to focus its energy on the materials we’ve requested in the last year, any unanswered queries, and most importantly our authors.  So as NaNoWriMo prep starts, and as our annual series of posts (30 days of writing posts from our authors!) get prepared, it’s a good idea to note we’ll be closed to submissions in November and December 2017.

What does this mean for anyone looking to query Red Sofa Literary?

It means this frees up two more months to fine tune your book idea, while also giving our agents a chance to catch up on their work. This also means that we hope you’ll enjoy the holidays with your family and friends, that you’ll have a chance to have some fun non-book activities too.

We hope you’ll read all the wonderful posts our authors have written for the month of November, and we look forward to seeing your queries in the new year.






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