Red Sofa Literary: New Agent Announcement

By Dawn Frederick

It seems our agency continues to grow, and some amazingly smart and on-spot people have come into our fold over the years. Hence I’m thrilled to announce that Kelly Van Sant will be joining Red Sofa Literary as of May 1st.

We crossed paths many years ago, as she had recently moved to MN. Little did I know last summer that we’d meet again after carpooling to Chicago for the Writer’s Workshop. We shared a love of books, a deep list of books and music, and apparently love comedic podcasts that are NSFW. Laura will confirm we pretty much laughed (until it hurt) after listening to it after that trip.

One of the many things I like about Kelly is that she has a good eye for good books, she’s smart and witty, and she brings a wide breadth of knowledge about publishing. She is the kind of person I’d want in my corner if I was a writer. It’s an honor to have her on #teamredsofa.

Check out her categories here, and of course, you’ll get to see her in June at the next Writer’s Workshop. We already will be roadtripping again, and yes I will have some special podcasts for the drive…) 🙂

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