Summer Updates

By Dawn Frederick

Our agency survived a busy Spring. We are all thrilled the summer is just around the corner.

A few of us (me included) had a busy travel schedule and digging out of course takes lots of time. So it is worth nothing that several agents at Red Sofa Literary will be closed to queries from June 1st through Sept 1st. Not everyone is going to do this, but a few of us would like to focus our energies on conferences this summer (where we are looking for new authors), as well as our current authors (and all their new ideas).

The goal is to stay on top of our reading for work, and maybe get some time off this summer to slow down. Ideally we’ll even read a few books that aren’t written by our authors, as reading finished books (outside one’s agency) is a good practice.

The following agents will be closed to submissions:

-Dawn Frederick
-Amanda Rutter
-Stacey Graham

But no worries! Laura, Erik, and Kelly will be open for those queries you’ve worked so hard on. 🙂

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