RED SOFA LITERARY NEWS: Congrats Laura & Erik!

By Dawn Frederick

When I established Red Sofa Literary 11 yrs ago, it was after working with Laurie Harper at Sebastian Literary Agency.  She was in the process of wrapping up her agent duties and not taking any new clients. By this point I had found my own personal niche as an agent, and I took the leap and decided to launch my own agency.  It was not a decision I took lightly, I knew already there would be a lot of work to do before (and well after).

Starting down the path to agenting, I never imagined I’d branch out on my own, that it would eventually turn into agency with such amazing agents and authors. I always assumed Red Sofa Literary would be a one-woman/one-person operation, of which I had the joy of witnessing Laura and Erik growing into their own roles as agents in the last six years.

Being an agent is a work of love. And publishing is a long path, of which there’s never any promise of what to expect along the way. So seeing Laura and Erik find success as agents, seeing them launch their podcast “Print Run” and of course witness so many important moments in each of their lives (each getting married, finding puppies, buying new homes), has personally been a special experience.

Being an agent means you get the chance to spend time with fellow agents who are just as nerdy and bookish as you, and there’s never a boring moment. Of which, Erik and Laura brought lots of joy to our crew, and for that I’m beyond appreciative.

On September 10th Laura and Erik will be officially branching out on their and announcing their own agency. They will share the details next week (stay tuned!), and I couldn’t be more excited for them.  I know that my first five years of this agency were a rollercoaster and it was 100% worth the blood, sweat, and tears. We’re going to miss them on our conference calls, as well as the general Team Red Sofa shenanigans, but alas we share MN together and all those fantastic book events.

So please give Laura and Erik a high five, a high kick, and fist pump, as they are already on track to even more great things.  Congrats to two amazing agents, you’ve got this Laura and Erik! We’re going to miss you!

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