Happy NaNoWriMo!

It’s our favorite day of the year. Why? Because today is the final prep day before the start of National Novel Writing Month!

For those of you who have been kicking around an idea for years and are finally starting to write, welcome to the fold! And for those old hands who write all the time or do NaNo every year, we’re glad to see you again!

Red Sofa Literary has a very special treat for you this month. In honor of all of you, working tirelessly to pump out an impressive 50,000 words in 30 days, we’ve whipped up an event we’re calling…THIRTY DAYS OF NANO!

Every day for thirty days, we’ll be posting one blog. It might be advice. It might be an interview. It might be special tricks or even rants about things we see too much.

But to keep it a little more interesting, 26 of our blog posts will correspond to a letter of the alphabet. We’ve also got a few extras here and there to round out the month.

So will the letter A be about agents? Audience? Something else? You’ll have to stop by tomorrow to find out!

Lastly, we at Red Sofa would like to thank the utterly amazing Tom Torre (@CopernicusNerd) for creating our fancy leader headings. Tom is a middle grade author represented by Dawn Frederick and a contributor to Middle Grade Minded, a blog dedicated to exploring all things middle grade. Thanks, Tom!

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