Welcome Writers, Aspirers, Book-Folk All!

This year Red Sofa Literary will be guiding you on a epic journey through National Novel writing month. We will step off from the White Cliffs of Ambition, where Dawn, Jennie, and Laura will talk about what makes a query letter stand out from the pack. From there we will wade through the Swamps of Ill-Conceived Querying, dodging the specters of lack of professionalism and direction.

Then onward to the Swamps of Creation .Everything you must create on top of your novel- your internet presence, your social media awareness can be a bog, but we’ve got some tips for you. Then finally, we’ll reach the Mountains of Success where we’ll tell you how to know when your novel is really truly done and ready to go on its own querying adventure.

Thanks for coming on the Nanowrimo 2014 adventure with us!

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