NaNoWriMo Day #3 – I write because of curiosity

By Stephanie Bearce

I write because I’m nosey. Perhaps curious would be the polite term, but in reality, I am just plain nosey. I eavesdrop in coffee shops and restaurants, and imagine what people’s lives are like.  I’m the annoying person who asks questions at the end of a lecture. If I hear or read something that doesn’t sound right – I HAVE to look it up. Yeah – I’m that person.

As a child I learned that other kids did not want to hear me lecture them on the true story of Sasquatch or how the Loch Ness Monster was a hoax. It was much more socially acceptable for me to write down my facts and stories. Writing allowed me to explore the world and record my observations. Later I learned that sometimes people might actually want to read about what I had learned. It became a way for me to reflect and to communicate. Writing is an extension of who I am. It gives me the freedom of creativity, the joy of exploration, and the ability to create order out of chaos.

I feel blessed that I get to write books for kids. I want to give them stories that explain the world, excite their curiosity and motivate them to read and research.

And there is that added benefit that when I’m caught eavesdropping or being nosey, I have the best excuse – I was just doing research for my book!


Stephanie Bearce is a history detective and a science nerd who loves turning her discoveries into books for kids. As the award-winning author of 23 children’s books, Stephanie is a frequent presenter at education conferences, children’s literature festivals, nerd camps, schools, and libraries. She is the winner of the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award, the SCBWI Work In Progress Grant and her books have been selected for the NSTA Recommended Reading List.




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