Starting the New Year with a New Agent

By Dawn Frederick

As Jennie and Laura will confirm, every time something new and exciting  happens, I’m always taken by surprise; as Red Sofa has been a work of love that continues to grow each year well beyond what I anticipate. As we started this new year, it became official that Stacey Graham would be joining our little crew.

staceygrahamShe was already on Team Red Sofa, as she has been an author of mine a long time. For the many years we’ve worked together, it has been the best of teams – and I look forward to many more years of seeing her books to publication.

I should have seen the early signs that Stacey would become an agent, as I’ve often seen her become the unofficial den mother to some of our authors. It’s normal for her to provide words of encouragement and advice to those going down the publishing path. Stacey is a natural-born cheerleader and knows the ups and downs of a life of writing, this will certainly be to the benefit of her future clients.

So make sure to give her a high kick on Twitter, and she is officially open for queries.  Welcome to the team Stacey!

Her categories are HERE.

She can found found on Twitter HERE.